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Duda Bradley

duda bradley on an jewlery showing

Duda Bradley is fascinated by the cosmos, is in a serious relationship with Brazilian stones and values manuality in making them. 

After graduating in Industrial Design, she chose to follow in the footsteps of her jeweler grandmother. She specialized in jewelry design and goldsmithing at LAO, in Florence, and is now creative director at the eponymous brand. 

Create authentic jewelry, rescuing memories and bringing meaning to your design through contemporary goldsmithing. Here he found a way to immortalize moments, creating adornments that transcend time.

The metals and precious stones present in jewelry are intended for use in order to reduce environmental impact.

From upcycling metals, using stones outside of standard measurements, developing jewelry with customers' gold, everything with great balance, avoiding waste. 

Believing that jewelry is a form of individual expression, it creates lines where personalization and tailored design give the customer exclusivity, combining beauty and meaning.

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